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Friends?Couples? Ch.12 Fang POV
                                Fang 12: What's Going On?
I awoke to the smell of a hotdog being waved under my nose.  At on point, I had liked hotdogs.  Now the smell alone almost makes me sick.
I looked around and saw Angel, Gazzy, and Nudge all sleeping.  Max was sitting cross-legged on my right side while Iggy was holding the hotdog on my left.  I shook my head and Iggy shrugged his shoulders as he took a bite out of the hotdog.  I pushed myself up into a sitting position.
"Why'd you pass out?" Max asked out of no where.
"Well, I'd felt weird a little earlier, but now I feel fine.  When I had passed out, my blood felt like it was on fire and I could barely breathe.  I got so light-headed and weak that I couldn't stay conscious.  Basically, I had
:iconturtlelover523:turtlelover523 1 2
Friends?Couples? Ch.11 Max POV
                                        Max 11: Cool!!
Well, this should be interesting.  The Flock is back together but not once did discuss what our new abilities were.  Well, except for Iggy with his sight.  But that was about it.  There has  been something nagging at my mind, though.
Is Fang immortal?
I want to ask him, but I don't know how.  It's like I cant seem to find the right words to say.  Anyways, I'm curious to see what the Flock's new abilities are.  It's weird, and awkward, that everyone else was tortured for three years and I was all comfortable and sound asleep.  I don't know if they're going to avoid, or even hate, me.  I hope not... if they do, Fang can lead them and I can
:iconturtlelover523:turtlelover523 1 0
Friends?Couples? Ch.10 Fang POV
                                        Fang 10: Wow.
Jeb pulled a small silver cellphone out of his pocket, flipped it open, and dialed some number.
"Bring them in," was all he said and he closed the cellphone.  There was a knock on the door and Jeb went over to it.  He opens it and four other people walk into the room.
At first, I didn't recognize anyone.  Then, the more I studied everyone's faces, the more I realized who each and every one of them was.
The tallest, he was leaning against one of the walls and had his eyes closed.  His arms were crossed against his chest and he had strawberry blonde hair that went to his shoulders.  He had a white tank-top on over his extremely pale skin and really dark, baggy blue jeans.  Oh, an
:iconturtlelover523:turtlelover523 2 1
Friends?Couples? Ch.9 Max POV
                             Max 9: What's Happening To Me?  
I gently pressed my forefinger against Fang's lips.  To know that he cared so much about me... I couldn't stand to hear him try and remember that pain.  But, whoa, do I feel really light-headed right now.  I slide off of Fang's lap and stand with my back facing him.  The whole room was spinning around me.
"Fang?  Do you still love me?" I tried to say calmly, but my voice cracked before I finished.
"Of course.  How could I not?" Fang said.  He sounded like he was smiling. I turned to face him and was about to say " I still love you too" but started coughing instead.  I couldn't stop coughing either.  I closed my eyes because it started to hurt to cough and breathe.  When I op
:iconturtlelover523:turtlelover523 1 0
Friends?Couples? Ch.8 Fang POV
                              Fang 8: A Lot.
"Where to begin." I said with a smile of relief as Max changed my thoughts from our intense kissing, to the abilities or changes, meaning the Flock in Max's absence, went through.  I said, just to give Max and idea of how long the explanation was going to take, "You may want to sit down.  This may take a while."
"Wow.  A lot must of happened." Max said as she sat down on the edge of the bed.
I began with, "Well, I'll tell you about myself first."
"I would like to see what else is different about you besides your longer hair and deeper voice." Max said as her cheeks flushed.  My voice was deeper?  Cool.  Sounds like it attracts Max to me too.  Even cooler.
"Well, that's some of it, but, not all of it.  My speed has c
:iconturtlelover523:turtlelover523 1 0
Friends?Couples? Ch.7 Max POV
                                       Max 7: Where Am I?
There was a small haze around me.  I felt as if I was hovering in midair.  I was in something like a coma.  You know, where you cant open your eyes and your whole body is really numb.  Well, that's what I'm in.  But if I was in another freakin' isolation tank... I swear to God...
Your not Max, my Voice said to me.  'Mm-hm.  Yeah.  Prove it.'
No answer.
I wasn't exactly expecting one either.  I was expecting to wake up soon, or to be pulled out of the tank and into searing pain.  I tried moving my wings, without much success.  I cant even tell if they're there.  If, and I mean if, I'm in another isolation tank, then thos
:iconturtlelover523:turtlelover523 1 0
Friends?Couples? Ch.6 Fang POV
                                        Fang 6: No!!
Yes, my shoulder hurts.  Yes my wing kills.  And yes, I can barely breathe.  But the worst thing was that I could only sit there and watch as Ari carries away Max.  My Max.  There were a few deafening gunshots, then Max's ear piercing scream.  I had to sit there and watch as Ari knocked Max out, picked her up, and carried her away out of sight.
When we all thought Ari was gone, I tried to stand, but fell back to the ground clutching my shoulder.  God does it kill!  I don't think I've ever been in worse pain.  I closed my eyes and thought of Max.  I pictured her perfect smile, sandy blonde hair, her incredible strength... and woke to the sm
:iconturtlelover523:turtlelover523 1 1


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So I barely ever come by here anymore and I apologize for that. Duty calls in college, work, and several other things I'm involved in. I mostly post to my tumblr makara-butts, so if anyone is interested in keeping up with whatever I may be doing, head by there and take a look.

I will still try and post from time to time on here, but don't get your hopes up if there is anyone who checks here on a regular basis (which I doubt there is).

Have a good day everyone!
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Hey there. :3
My name is Carissa.
I hope you like my art. :)
Feel free to message me if you want to get to know me.
I like talking to people. <3



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